We are currently seeking individuals who have at least five years experience in the financial services industry.

Our goal at Wexford Financial Strategies is to help you establish a competitive, successful financial services practice. We use open product architecture and innovative fee-based programs-coupled with independent research, customized technology, and robust compliance and legal support - we provide you with the tools and flexibility you need to develop a business that best matches your clients' needs and your goals.

No matter how you envision the future of your practice, our comprehensive support and broad range of innovative business models can enable you to build and grow your business.

In addition, we offer competitive compensation packages and are always looking for practice acquisition.

If you are interested in joining our team we encourage you to e-mail us at info@wexfordfs.com

Check out these videos about why you should join our team:

You: In Control

Your Business....Your Future

To understand who we are, you need to know that we believe in a simple truth: that independent financial advisors are able to provide for the needs of their clients better than any corporate-bound advisor could ever hope to be.

We understand that making the leap and becoming an independent advisor comes with uncertainty. Leaving the corporate world behind means shouldering much more responsibility, but that fact doesn't need to hold your business back. Our goal is to provide a true independent advisor with the kind of support they need to not only provide amazing service to their clients, but to keep control over their own endeavors.

Your Legacy

Start Building Today

Once you decide to become an independent advisor we make getting you up and running a priority. Our advisor solutions are tailored to fit your needs now, and in the future. We're committed to growing with you, and providing the assistance you need from the moment we begin our new partnership.

From the start, we'll walk you through all the options you have and help you map out the ones that fit your business best. We can help you determine what makes sense now, down the road a way, and even when it's time for you to enjoy your retirement. We truly understand that the business you've built has real value. For this reason, we concern ourselves with helping you plan for your working career and beyond with the same level of care we know you provide to your clients.


At Your Fingertips

Here at Wexford Financial Strategies we don't just offer up the strength and stability of LPL Financials' diverse offerings to you, we also make ourselves available to act as your personal source of information. Whether you're looking for answers to your questions or just clarifications on the products for a specific client, we're only a phone call or email away. Our commitment to learning about you and your business, and staying current with all the products available on LPL Financials' platform, is what truly separates us from the pack. The consistency of our personalized service coupled with the “ease of doing business,” is just one way we demonstrate how much your business means to us.

With the open architecture available from LPL Financial, you'll be able to investigate and select the services which are most appropriate for each of your clients. This should give you the confidence that you'll always be able to offer your clients the best available solutions.

A Backbone

For You To Lean On

One of our top priorities is ensuring that you have access to the technology you need to be most effective. Avoiding time-consuming face-to-face meetings for routine actions can be critical, which is why we offer the ability to have clients e-sign most documents, leaving you more time for facetime when it really matters. We offer iOS and Android apps, and of course seamless handling of email connectivity across multiple devices.

Working with Wexford Financial Strategies allows you to position yourself in the best possible manner for how you want to be perceived. Marketing yourself as a small independent, part of a tight-group of advisors in a service-oriented boutique firm, or as backed by the strength of a company with over 18,000 advisors nationwide—the flexibility is yours to use as you choose. We also offer state-of-the-art web and social media tools for you to take advantage of, and can show you how to start using them to make a difference for yourself daily.


Now Easier Than Ever

We have firsthand experience with advisors making the jump to independence with the assistance of Wexford Financial Strategies and LPL Financial. We know it's possible to enjoy more flexibility, increase your take home with competitive compensation packages, and most importantly, better serve your clients.

While all of this is a pretty compelling case for making the leap and working with us, we know change can be daunting. For this reason, we're committed to making the transition from your existing broker-dealer simple, direct, and hassle-free. Our step-by-step walkthrough of the process is designed with your comfort and understanding in mind. We tailor the transition to your business, so you can move seamlessly from today's status quo into tomorrow and beyond!